Waterproof Wet Bags by Bumkins

I never knew about wet bags until I saw a friend using it. We were into cloth diapering (1st kid and all then) and I had been using plastic bags to store them. With plastic bags, we always had to check that they didn’t have holes, otherwise we would end up with a stinky diaper bag with rancid diluted pee juice.


It wasn’t much later when the kid was very much into water parks that I finally decided to “invest” in wet bags. It was a lifesaver. I never ever have to worry about liquids in the diaper bag. Just stuff wet swim suit, wet towel, wet everything into the wet bag and we’re set to go.

But apparently, that wasn’t the end of it.

One of the inner lining of our wet bag is made of PUL. And my experience with PUL lining hasn’t been really good. They separate from the fabric after extended wash and after extensive exposure to the sun. Totally not cool. Which led us to these wet bags from Bumkins.

Bumkins’ line of wet bags are made with their easy wipe waterproof fabric, which is both stain and odour resistant. A waterproof fabric means no lining, just one single piece of fabric. No worry about your wet bag separating into pieces. And it is flat. Beautifully flat, which means it doesn’t take up space in your diaper bag. It is just as good as having another piece of fabric in your bag.

Bumkin Wet Bag

The wet bags are heat sealed, meaning no visible stitches in the lining, and you don’t have to worry about liquid leaking through any seams or any zip snagging onto the seams.

Bumkins wet bag Wet bag lining

Do visit our shop and check out the different designs we have. They are $16 each and measure 30cm x 35cm.

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