Oribel Is In Store Now!

Oribel Is In Store Now!

We’re excited to add Oribel’s range of innovative products into our store! We simply cannot get over the PORTAPLAY which in our opinion, is such value for money!

Do keep a look out as we introduce the Oribel products to you with product features!


It’s Back!!! Bio Shield Kiddie

YES, if you have been waiting for the return of our Bio Shield Kiddie, wait no more! They are back in stock! Read more about what this fantastic product at our Bio Shield page. For the newly initiated, read the multiple reviews to find out why this product is so loved by our customers! Simply google bioshield singapore review

Check out our Facebook page for a really good promotion on the Bio Shield Kiddie.


Zika Alert!!!

Yes, the first case of Zika in Singapore has been announced but the government has implemented measures to keep it from spreading and let’s hope it stays confined!

Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-reports-first/2782808.html

Do stay safe and take care, use what works for yourself, citronella EO, or mozzie patches, or any form of mosquito repellent to fend out the mozzies.

Should you wish to try our Buds Organics Mozzie Clear Lotion, do feel free to PM us for a sample to see if it suits you or your child. We are always happy to assist! At Big Little Me, we want parents to be confident of what they are using. =)

Fluoride Free Toothpaste for Children

buds toothpaste

The Buds for Kids Children’s Toothpastes are available at Big Little Me! The toothpastes are formulated to be fluoride-free AND to soothe those gums with aloe vera gel as your child’s teeths. They contain xylitol to protect their little teeth as well! This is a mild toothpaste formulated with a combination of natural cleanser, Organic Aloe Vera leaf juice and Silica to clean teeth gently and effectively, perfect for kids from 1 to 3 years of age. Because the toothpastes are fluoride-free, no worries about your little ones swallowing the toothpaste. It is safe even if swallowed, and the natural Xylitol is preservative-free.

For older children, aged 3 to 12 years, we do have toothpaste with fluoride.

Fluoride and Fluoride-free toothpaste contains all natural flavours and essential oils, and comes in 4 yummy flavours: Green AppleStrawberry, Peppermint, and Blackcurrant.


Feature on Singapore’s Child Magazine!


Thankful for the littlest things and big things like getting two features on the Singapore’s Child magazine in one issue! Thank you so much for featuring our products: the Sili Squeeze reusable pouches & Buds Organics Toy & Multi-surface Cleaner!


Keeping the Toys Clean

Have you ever wondered how you are going to clean your play mats, electronic toys, bouncers, walkers..oh the list goes on. Buds Organics’ Anti-Bac Toy & Surface Cleaner and our Bio+Green Crystals Multi-Surface & Toy Cleaner will do just that!

One is handy to take out with you to give those teethers a quick spritz and wipes; the other is economical enough to wipe down the entire play yard! Organic & perfectly safe for those little hands and mouths, and gentle on the cleaner’s hands too!


A moisturising balm for the harsh winds of winter

It’s coming to the end of the year and I am sure there are loads of parents gearing up for their year-end holidays..and some even winter holidays! (I introduced snow to the boys, and sadly they are not very interested in it! Gaah)

Now, if you are heading up north with the kiddies, then Buds’ Frost Defense Balm is the thing for you! As an adult, you would have experienced the biting wind, and the after effects of it: dry skin, chafed cheeks, even cold sores. Yikes! The little ones definitely need something more moisturising than your standard moisturisers for skin that will be exposed to the winds.

The balm is suffused with jojoba oil, sunflower oil and shea butter, creating a rich and moisturising barrier on exposed skin during the winter months. The inca inchi further augments the emollient actions of this protective balm. Inca inchi is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is beneficial for the skin.

Forst Defence

Forst Defence

Another bonus is that it works well as a lip balm, and perfectly safe for babies!

Grab your Frost Defense Balm today and keep the little one’s skin protected!

BeBeSup Wipes!

We are totally sold on the quality of BeBeSup wipes and are now retailers of it!

One of our customers wanted to share with his pregnant friends about the BeBeSup wipes so we came up with these gift packs. They include a travel sized pack of the Zero, Sensitive & Sheer Gold wipes. We love our wipes and am sure you will too!

bebesup gift

a life hack, protects those pearlies, no mess!

When we first got our hands on these Sip’ns, we definitely couldn’t believe how much it would change our lives, especially when we were using pouches so frequently for the boys. Even more so when I had to wake up bleary eyed at 3am in the morning to give kiddo a pouch cos he was starving, no thanks to jet lag.

Pop Sip’n on and hand it to him. I was staring dazedly at him and he was happily swinging his legs on the chair, nomming on his pouch. Sip’n FTW! So we decided to hand out some Sip’ns to moms in Singapore to find out what they thought about these Sip’ns! Here is what they have to say.

beautiful chaos

“It was really fun and easy to use the Sip’n and I was surprised at the ease of it. I used to squeeze food out from the food pouch onto a spoon but this is really so much easier, cleaner and more convenient!” Mummy Vivien


“I am relieved to see that they are super soft and squishy, and are designed to protect our little ones’ gums. The ChooMee Sip’n has quickly became a cannot-live-without-it item as it leaves me (and my helper) hands free to fix our own meals while the twins eat.” Mummy Geraldine

calvina dawn“Mummy is very happy with it because so far, we’ve had 100% no spill! I also don’t worry about her biting on the plastic spout of the fruit pouch and accidentally ingesting plastic anymore!! In all honesty, I wish I’d known about this product sooner. It would have saved me a lot of worry and cleaning up.” Mummy Calvina

wifeymumsie“Damien actually let go of the food pouch and started slamming his hands on it!!! The husband and I were shocked and we stopped everything we were doing to rush towards him (it’s an automatic response from parents lah), but… there was no mess, nothing. The mash didn’t squirt out at all. OMG. So nifty. Goodbye spills and squirts.” Mummy Serynn


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Seriously, the Sip’ns speak for themselves in how they make everyone’s life waaay more convenient. I’m not kidding! I know we definitely love ours! Spend less time cleaning and worrying, spend more time with the kids having fun.

That’s how we do it at Big Little Me. =)

Little Innoscents Vapour Balm

One reason why we love our Little Innoscents Vapour Balm! With the haze, the burnt smell wafting through the air may be tough on the little one’s noses. Rub a little of the balm on the feet, back & chest, even a little on their noses, to help them breathe easy!

Made of high quality essential oils like rosemary, eucalyptus and wintergreen. Grab one today!


vapour balm