Organic Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner

How many times have the toy you brought out been dropped on the floor by your kiddo while he/she is in the the carrier, stroller or high chair? All too many times for us, and you wonder if the toy is still clean and safe for your child to play and chew on. Then out comes the anti-bacterial wipes to clean the toy but my experience with wipes is that it doesn’t reach those little corners and gaps.

Now, we have a solution for this. How about a toy cleaner that you can bring out in your diaper bag? Check out the Buds Organics Anti-Bacterial Toy & Surface Cleaner. It comes in a 150ml spray bottle that you can tuck in any diaper bag. Just spray, wipe to clean and let it dry naturally. It simple, quick and very handy. What makes it effective is the key ingredient of organic Tea Tree Oil which is known for its natural anti-bacterial properties and is very effective against harmful bacteria and viruses!

Buds Organics Anti-Bacterial Toy & Surface Cleaner, 150ml, S$13.75
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