Organic Lip Balm for Babies

Introducing this new product that we will be adding to our Buds Organics range: an organic lip balm for babies!

Ever held that stick of lippy and wondered if it is suitable for your kid when you are on holiday?

“What if they eat/lick what’s on their lips?”

Fret not, the Buds Cherished Organics uses the highest quality of ingredients (in this case, Inca Inchi oil), and it is fragrance free so it does not upset your baby’s delicate taste buds! Perfect for protecting those precious moist lips for kissing.

Shield your baby’s perfect lips with our healing and nourishing Pukka Pucker Lip Balm by Buds Cherished Organics. The two key ingredients, Inca Inchi oil (which provides the polyunsaturated fatty acids critical to building the skin’s lipid barrier) and Lavandula Stoechas (which rebuilds and strengthens the structure of the outer skin cells to prevent peeling) are delivered to your child’s lips through a rich emollient base.

Pukka Pucker Lip Balm, $17.95 for 15ml
Pukka Pucker Lip Balm, $17.95 for 15ml


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