About Us

This site was set up by a mother of four (two boys and two girls) who believed that everyone should have access to novel, quality and essential products at affordable prices. Think of it as a collective. You tell us what you would like to get and we try to get it at a price that will make both of us go, “yep, now that’s much better.”

We are just being simply Singaporeans by sourcing out the best deals when purchasing a product, especially for our kids. Amazon, iHerb, forums, calling up retail stores to find out their prices before going to buy it at a baby fair, comparing the prices of diapers at a per piece level. Then adding in the shipping, and dividing it all out just to make sure that we still aren’t paying more after including shipping costs. We know you have been there because WE’ve been there.

One day, we decided that enough was enough. We wanted quality products but not at exorbitant prices because of shelving, listing costs. We wanted to pay for what it was actually worth, letting the product speak for themselves. By eliminating what is unnecessary, or giving YOU the option to pay for what you want to pay for,  we are able to offer you products that are reasonably priced, lower priced than what you would get at a retail shop.

No more queuing at fairs. No more waiting for offers. Just simply, every day low prices. Delivery. Self-collection. Bulk buy. You make the choice. You make the savings. You decide.

Currently, you may also realise that there is a strong focus on organic products on our website, especially for the little ones. As moms, we have discovered the benefits of going organic for our children. These are products that we have tried on our kids and are willing to stake our reputation on it. Going organic doesn’t need to be extremely expensive. We are determined to bring it to you at affordable prices.

We also realise that organic may not be the option for everyone, and hence will also bring in some non-organic novel products for those who are looking for alternatives. So we hope that you’ll have an enjoyable shopping experience! And as always, any feedback is welcomed. We’ll love hearing from you =)

We are authorised retailers for Bio Shield, Buds Organics, ChooMee, Little Innoscents, Red Charlotte, Oribel, Sili Squeeze™, and Tweese.

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