Little Me

The day we became mums, the day our lives revolved around the Little Mes that entered our lives.

Every thing we did was for the well-being of our child. We wanted to make sure that they lived comfortably, they lived well, and most of all, they lived happily.

We make sure that the products that we source for are safe and beneficial to our kids. We also make sure that the products that we bring in…make sense. I mean we all know how one diaper bag is never enough because it never seems to suit all occasions. Cue us, we will bring you a solution to make that one diaper bag suitable for all occasions (the beach, the overseas trip, the day out).

Well..that unless you want another diaper bag for the sake of having another bag. =)

But yes, we are constantly on the look out for products that make it a little more convenient to bring the kids out, so that you can spend more time with them than worrying about if they will fall off the chair.

Let’s start shopping then!

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