Sunscreen for Kids

Did you know that you actually do need sunscreen even if it is going to be cloudy and rainy? Seriously, I would have thought all that cloud would block out some UV rays, no? That was until I read about this: “Do I need sunscreen on a day with extreme UV levels if it’s cloudy?”

Well, just in case you decide that you need some totally awesome organic sunscreen, I’ve got one for you. Have I tried it? Of course! The kids get some too. We used it for our staycation earlier this week and the kids gets pretty water-logged when we go on a staycation. We used the Little Innoscents Sun Lotion. What I liked about this one is it doesn’t smell like any other sunscreen, it is fragrance free. It doesn’t leave that white film over the skin. And it rubs in really well. This sun lotion contains calendula, aloe vera and Vitamin E, so your skin remains hydrated whilst being protected.

But wait, there’s more. We also tried the Buds Organics Solar Care Lotion. It had a light floral scent, and rubbed in really well too! This would be for mothers who prefer titanium dioxide over zinc oxide because the Buds Solar Care Lotion uses titanium dioxide as it’s active ingredient! I am one happy mummy.

Little Innoscents Sun Lotion, $20
Little Innoscents Sun Lotion, $20


Buds Organics Solar Care Lotion, $35.90
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