Bio+Green Crystals Organic Cleaners

We weren’t kidding when we said Bio+Green Crystals organic cleaners just follow a “spray & wipe” principle. No scrubbing. No harsh toxins. No chemical fumes. Here, we are using the Bathroom Cleaner to remove soap scum build up in the bathroom tiles. You know..those familiar pink tinge to the grout in the bathroom?

Bio+Green Crystals uses ingredients derived from plants and minerals. It is safe and doesn’t contain toxic chemicals. In fact, it is so safe that if one were to accidentally drink it, all you need to do is to just drink heaps of water to flush it out.

And best of all, you don’t have to worry about damaging or drying out your hands cos all you need is one finger, one cloth to wipe the fluid off.

This is just another way you can use the bathroom cleaner on: glass shower panels. Soap scum builds up easily on the glass, making it foggy and when you run your fingers across the glass, it is not really smooth any more.

I used to have to buy those “magic” sponges and spend my time squatting in the shower, and rub/scrub it all off. What an utter waste of time. Now, just spray and wipe.

Pfffpt. Simplify life and spend your precious time on better things in life.

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