No streaks, no fingerprints!

The Bio+Green Crystals Glass & Window Cleaner is one of the first few cleaners I tested when I came to know about these range of cleaners. Now, my house has a fair bit of glass panels, and BIG ones as well. We’ve got a 3-panel sliding door in the dining room, a huge glass window in the kitchen and then glass doors in both toilets.

It is a paaaain to clean so many glass panels. We went from using the standard glass cleaners with newspapers but that left greasy streaks around and if you as much touched the glass after, you would see fingerprints again; to using the steam cleaner but that left water streaks and we had to keep wiping it off each time we cleaned a panel, so double work gaah; to finally giving up and not cleaning until we received this cleaner.

We first tried it on the glass top on our dining table. Now..that dining table doesn’t get used unless we have guests coming over. It is just stacked up with the bathtub, diaper bags, grocery bags. we figured okay, it was time to clean the table.

The glass cleaner is water based, which means it will take a longer time to dry as compared to the normal glass cleaner as seen in the second photo. After both cleaners have dried, I ran my fingers lightly across the table. As you can see in the third photo, the fingerprint trail ends at some point in time, which is where the Bio+Green Crystals cleaner was used. And the table definitely did not have that greasy film over it. It was just..well, the glass top.

Next, I decided to try it on my bathroom glass door.

What I love about this cleaner is that it is non-toxic, it is organic, it’s non-greasy and it does the work! When it says it is streak-free, it really is streak-free! Best part, it is safe for kids and pets, and is also doctor endorsed for asthma, autism, ADHD and allergies.

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