Strap Covers for Child Car Seat and Stroller

There will come a point where your child would start to put everything he/she finds into his/her mouth. There will always be constant drooling and the straps that are used to secure him/her to the car seat or stroller is soaked in saliva. Usually, the child car seat straps and stroller straps will come with some padding on the shoulder area and that is also where your child will have easy access to chewing. Sounds familiar?

If you face this common issue, you can consider investing in drool pads or teething pads. These wrap around the straps and serve to protect the straps from getting wet and also helps to ensure hygiene for your child. The strap covers can be removed for washing, unlike the strap cushions that come with the stroller or car seat.

At, we bring in vibrant coloured teething pads or suck pads designed and hand made by Red Charlotte, which can also double as strap covers. What’s more, the suck pads have loops sewn in them so that it makes it convenient for you to attach your child’s favourite toy or teether while you are on the go. Because it has loops sewn in and is secured easily by velcro, the teething pads can be wrapped around stroller front bar to help secure the toy or teether. See it for yourself.


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