Put the ChooMee Sip’n through the Liquid Test

We have been talking about how the ChooMee Sip’n soft top comes with a innovative valve design that helps to prevent accidental spillage from food pouches. We also shared about the additional benefits of the Sip’n such as encouraging your toddler to feed independently with the pouch, protecting your kids’ delicate gums and teeth from damage due to them chewing on the plastic, and preventing the spout of the pouch from being chewed out of shape (in case you need to keep the leftovers for later).

When we got our Sip’n from ChooMee, we were also curious to see for ourselves the limits of this simple design. So we called in our product tester to try to pull out the attached top and to try to shake the contents out from the pouch. So far so good!

But as you know, contents in food pouches can sometime be rather viscous or thick. So we thought, why not test it on liquid. If the Sip’n can hold in liquid, thicker contents will not be a problem. And so we did!  We attached the Sip’n to a packet of Ribena drink and the results are pretty awesome and convincing. See it for yourself.

Convinced yet?

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