Bitatto Wet Wipe Covers

Check out our Bitatto Wet Wipe Covers, both regular and mini ones. The regular ones would fit the bigger packet of wipes nicely while the mini ones would fit smaller packet of wipes that goes into your handbag or your kids’ school bag. You can learn more about covers on our Bitatto page.


Why Bitatto?

  • It is reusable. So extra cost savings for you.
  • It is easy to attach to and detach and makes it easy for you to reach for your wipes.
  • Replacing the sticky covers with the Bitatto covers gives you a better seal around the opening of the wet wipes. Hence, keeping the wipes moist for a longer period of time.
  • It comes in different bright colours to suit individuals. Match the colour of your wet wipes, or choose your favourite colour.


With purchase of $25 and above, we are offering FREE postage within Singapore. With purchase of $75 and above, we provide FREE delivery within Singapore! Purchase can be of any items available in our store.

We have also made shopping easy for you. All available colours are shown in one page for easy comparison.


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