Bitatto Wet Wipes Cover

Before we became parents, wet wipes is not something we would usually carry around. But now, we will have wet wipes everywhere we go, and at least a few packets left opened at home and at different parts of the house.

Talking to friends and other parents, we quickly realise that we face common problems with the current packaging:

  1. The sticky cover kind of loose it’s stickiness after some time
  2. It is difficult to open the lid especially when our fingers are dirty
  3. Some practice is required to close the wet wipes properly to ensure a good seal

If you too face these issues, then the Bitatto wet wipe covers maybe something for you. It is a reusable plastic lid that replaces the sticky tape. It is easy to attach (see below) and once it is on, it stays on.

Awesomeness of the Bitatto

One finger action is all you need to open the wet wipes. No more fiddling and struggling to remove the sticky tape cover. This is especially useful when your fingers are dirty and you only have your knuckles. Think after eating the IKEA chicken wings!

Next, one finger action is all you need to close the lid and that ensures a good seal. Current sticky tapes usually require us to run our palm over it, to even out the wrinkles on the packaging in order to ensure a good seal. With the Bitatto wet wipe cover, one finger is all you need to close and seal the wipes, keeping the wipes moist. Learn more about the Bitatto covers.

One More Thing

It is always good to keep a packet of wipes in the car. Never know when you need it, to wipe away the bird dropping on the windscreen, to clean your fingers after you refill the air for your tyres, to clean up the occasional mess by the kiddos (and adults) etc.

Problem is that the temperature in the car can climb to a very high level. And this means that you are literally ‘steaming’ your wet wipes in the car. If the seal is poor, the wet wipes will lose its moisture very quickly. The Bitatto lid may be the answer to this. Not to say that the seal is perfect, it is definitely better than the sticky tape ones.

Two Sizes to Choose From


The Bitatto lids come in two sizes: Regular and Mini. The regular size fits on larger packet of wipes while the mini ones fit on smaller tissue sized packet of wipes. There is also a variety of colours for you to choose from.

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