Mozzies, mozzies everywhere!

Okay, I have to actually rave about this product, especially if you are in the market looking out for a mozzie repellent for kids or your baby. We took the kids on an impromptu trip to the zoo today, and I basically slathered the kids and myself with Buds Organics Mozzie Clear Lotion. It went on the skin really easy, it was non greasy and the citronella smell wasn’t too pungent.

Post-zoo trip, all three of us are bite free, still non-greasy (you know how sweat and some thick creams just ends up in one greasy mess), skin feels hydrated despite being under the hot sun. (Excuse my terrible eczema scarred skin haha)

Brilliant stuff. No nano-particles to worry about, DEET free and totally organic. Trust me on this one.

Mozzie Clear Lotion, $14
Mozzie Clear Lotion, $14
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