Glass and Window Cleaner

Glass is something that is found commonly in every household; mirrors, windows, table top, display cabinets, shower doors, etc. While it looks nice, cleaning it can be a pain. You have both sides of the glass to clean, make sure that there are no streaks and no film, and that you have done a good enough job to get rid of the fingerprints, marks, and spots.

Most glass cleaners have ammonia as one of the active ingredients. We all remember the pungent smell of ammonia and how it can be harmful to us. It is not a chemical I would like my children to get in contact with. To cover up the smell, some manufacturers may use chemical fragrance which could be potentially harmful as well.

There are cheap and easy way to clean the glass you have at home. Try mixing vinegar, water, and soap, and use crumbled newspaper. Yes, it’s cheap and safe, but it can be quite a mess with the wet newspaper leaving you with black handprints.

Try the Bio+ Green glass cleaner. It is made from natural plant extracts, safe for children and pets, and leaves absolutely no smell. Interesting fact about Bio+ Green cleaning products, each cleaning product is colour coded!


Bio+Green Crystals Glass & Window Cleaner, $10.50
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