a life hack, protects those pearlies, no mess!

When we first got our hands on these Sip’ns, we definitely couldn’t believe how much it would change our lives, especially when we were using pouches so frequently for the boys. Even more so when I had to wake up bleary eyed at 3am in the morning to give kiddo a pouch cos he was starving, no thanks to jet lag.

Pop Sip’n on and hand it to him. I was staring dazedly at him and he was happily swinging his legs on the chair, nomming on his pouch. Sip’n FTW! So we decided to hand out some Sip’ns to moms in Singapore to find out what they thought about these Sip’ns! Here is what they have to say.

Mummy Geraldine
I am relieved to see that they are super soft and squishy, and are designed to protect our little ones’ gums. The ChooMee Sip’n has quickly became a cannot-live-without-it item as it leaves me (and my helper) hands free to fix our own meals while the twins eat.
Mummy Geraldine


Mummy Calvina
Mummy is very happy with it because so far, we’ve had 100% no spill! I also don’t worry about her biting on the plastic spout of the fruit pouch and accidentally ingesting plastic anymore!! In all honesty, I wish I’d known about this product sooner. It would have saved me a lot of worry and cleaning up
Mummy Calvina


Mummy Serynn
Damien actually let go of the food pouch and started slamming his hands on it!!! The husband and I were shocked and we stopped everything we were doing to rush towards him (it’s an automatic response from parents lah), but… there was no mess, nothing. The mash didn’t squirt out at all. OMG. So nifty. Goodbye spills and squirts.
Mummy Serynn


Mummy Vivien @ Beautiful Chaos 

Mummy Geraldine @ Mummy Chuck 

Mummy Calvina @ Calvina Dawn 

Mummy Serynn @ WifeyMumsie 

Mummy Natasha @ So Natty 

Mummy Justine @ just some tings


Seriously, the Sip’Ns speak for themselves in how they make everyone’s life waaay more convenient. I’m not kidding! I know we definitely love ours! Spend less time cleaning and worrying, spend more time with the kids having fun.

That’s how we do it at Big Little Me. =)

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