A Natural Degreaser

Okay, rave of the week has to go to the Bio+Green Crystal Natural Degreaser. I can’t believe I am trying to cook more often just so that I can dirty up my cooker hood filter so that I can demo to people at the flea market how it works.

#auntiemode “来啊来啊auntie uncle come and see ah..”

See that familiar yellow stain on the filter? That is at least half a year of oil build up stuck on it. When you touch it, it is sticky and it doesn’t come off your fingers easily. I would soak it in A LOT of hot boiling soap water many times. And even then, I am not satisfied with it. It is still..yech, greasy or sticky. Then came the Natural Degreaser. Spray, sit for 5 minutes. Wipe.

See the paper under the filter, oil residue has dripped onto it. It was broken down by the degreaser.

Spray another time, sit for another 5 minutes, wipe and rinse.

Can you see how clean my lovely filter is? This is a non-toxic, organic filter. I do not need to use harsh chemicals to clean or scrub it. Just spray and wipe.

Simplify your life today.


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