Sucking Pads for Ergobaby, Tula, Manduca Carriers

Already own an Ergobaby, Tula or Manduca baby carrier, or just looking to purchase one of these carriers? Whichever the case, one accessory that is often overlooked are the sucking pads (or drool pads) that go around the straps of the carrier. Because of the design of these baby carriers,  your baby will easily learn that they can chew and suck on the straps. Without the sucking pads, the straps will be soaked in saliva in no time and you will have to wash your carrier quite often in order for it to not smell.

The sucking pads are designed to go around the straps (secured with velcro) and to protect the straps and provide a soft spot for your child to rest his/her cheeks. The straps are reversible so it doubles the usage time and most importantly, prevents the accumulation of saliva.

Most of the carriers, such as ErgoBaby and Manduca have their own line of suck pads, for instance “Fumbee” for Manduca. However, a short-coming would be the lack of loops for you to clip or attach any teething toy or pacifier. We recognise this problem and let us present to you the Red Charlotte suck pads. They come with loops sewn into the suck pads so that you can easily attach toys or teethers. What’s more, they are brightly coloured and helps to enhance and personalise the look of your carrier! Because the suck pads are wide enough, they can double as strap covers for your baby car seat belts or the stroller straps.

Drool Pads biglittleme

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