No More Spills for Plum Organics Food Pouches

Plum Organics specializes in organic baby and toddler food. One successful product is their food pouches which cater to babies and toddlers. Only organic produce are used in their food products and contain no added sugar, salt, water and additives. As parents, we know the convenience of using food pouches, especially when we are on the go and the little ones are asking for a quick snack.

However, one issue commonly faced by parents is that food pouches can sometimes be quite a mess: accidental spills, the little one squeezing too hard on the pouch, dropping the pouch on the floor/stroller, and the list goes on. The second common issue is the chewed up plastic spout that makes it almost impossible to screw the cap because the spout is all out of shape.




Introducing the Sip’n soft top by ChooMee. It is a simple attachment that fits on the spout, providing an easy solution to reduce mess and minimise spills. The Sip’n is soft and helps to protect the delicate gums of your child, and prevents the spout from being chewed on. Most importantly, it is reusable and compatible with most commercial baby pouches like Ella’s Kitchen, Gerbers, Happy Baby, and reusable pouches like Sinchies and Squooshi.

Sounds incredible? Find out more about the ChooMee Sip’nThe ChooMee Sip’n also works on drink pouches. We tested it on a Ribena drink pouch.

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