Stinky, Sweaty Feet Rave

Does anyone have sweaty feet here? *looks around awkwardly & raises hand* 

Okay, second rave of the week goes to Bio Shield Foot Protection Cream, $19.90

Bio Shield Feet Protection Cream, $19.90
Bio Shield Feet Protection Cream, $19.90

Seriously. I tried it. The husband tried it. A friend tried it. I have a thing about wearing enclosed shoes. I love wearing different kinds of shoes. But when you are walking ALOT with two kids, walking around uncomfortably is the last thing you want to do, so I end up in slippers all the time.

Sweaty toes. Damp footprints in the house after you take off your shoes. Blisters. Sometimes, even the smell. Urgh. Yup, you know it.

Well, with this Foot Cream (it is a spray, more liquid than cream), you just spray it on the soles of your feet, rub it in, dry it a little and you’re good to go for the next 4-6 hours. My longest stretch was 6 hours with one spray, even though the recommended reapplication is every 4 hours.

This is not only good for those with sweaty feet, but it serves as a protective layer especially for those of you who use gym showers and changing room barefooted. It protects your feet from Athlete’s Foot, bacteria & fungus. Because our feet are usually kept warm and slightly damp, it sets the perfect condition for bacteria and fungus infection to grow.

Give it a shot and have happy feet! Now I can wear fabric shoes! Wheee! (no more cracked heels too! hehe)

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