Starting with Little Innoscents

Our organic skincare journey started with Little Innoscents.

It was through this brand that we learnt about sodium lauryl sulfate, or rather the lack of it in their products. Their hair & body wash had NO BUBBLES then. The horror! I had happily squirted a long..strand into the bath tub only to see it floating around. ?

But I learnt that no bubbles doesn’t mean not clean. My kid came out of the bath squeaky clean AND with moisturised skin post drying.


I learnt that it takes time with organic and natural products. What may take a diaper cream with chemicals 1 day to heal a diaper rash, may take 1 week for an organic product. It is a matter of preference and patience. For us, it usually resolved significantly by day 4. I can wait 4 days.

I learnt about the various types of oils, base/carriers and other plant ingredients used for each product. Aloe vera juice, beeswax, shea butter, calendula, your very common ingredients used for most natural skincare product.

Steep learning curve for us. And we never stopped scrutinising ingredient labels from then on.

And going organic? Little Innoscents Organic Baby Skin Care range of products is Australian made & owned, and contains over 85% Australian Certified Organic ingredients.

Will share more about each product soon!

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