How the organic journey started

The start of it all.

With my first child, the worst we had to face when we had to deal with inflammed skin condition, was a bad nappy rash. Being kancheong first time parents, we went straight for a popular non-organic brand I mean..everyone used it so can’t be bad right?

The rash cleared up in a day. So win.

Then came our second child, who didn’t have baby smooth skin at all right from birth. ‘Chor-puay’ or rough skin we would say. And it was the start of it all, us switching to organic skin care for our kids.

And also how we started Big Little Me, in a bid to share what we knew and what helped us along the way. We curate our products and are selective about what we bring in. As much as we would love to bring in a wider range, there is only so many products we can try on ourselves! Haha.

Yes, we personally try each of the products we have so that we can better explain to you how they work. How they feel, how they smell and how we react to it.

We are not experts in the field of skincare but hopefully, through this, it would allow you to better understand what you are about to try and how it may work for yourself or your little ones. Understand the values behind the brands that develop and formulate these skincare products (all got heart one ok!! ?).

If you have had a great experience using our products, do share them with us! We would love to hear from fellow daddies & mummies who use these regularly! ? These feedback, good or bad, will serve as every bit of an encouragement for us!

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