Diaper Rash Treatment Cream

As retailers, we are fortunate to be able to try out different types of diaper creams on our kids to find out what and how each of the products work on them. We have classified our diaper creams into two categories:

Preventive & Treatment

Preventive would be your every day diaper cream which will provide the baby’s bum with a barrier to protect from getting a diaper rash. Some of these diaper creams will contain zinc oxide, which serves as an excellent waterproof barrier to prevent the baby’s bum from stewing in a damp patch. There are of course the organic versions which uses oils, such as sunflower oil, as a barrier to protect. One such diaper cream is the Buds Organics Nappy Time Change Cream.

Buds Organics Everyday Nappy Time Change Cream, $14.50
Buds Organics Everyday Nappy Time Change Cream, $14.50

Treatment would be a cream that serves to treat the diaper rash and still provide that barrier to protect baby’s delicate bum from other free radicals. One such cream will be the Buds Organics Nappy Time Soothing CreamΒ (previously known as Nappy Rash Rescue Cream).

Nappy Time Soothing Cream, $19
Nappy Time Soothing Cream, $19

The Nappy Time Soothing Cream contains the wonderful goodness of shiso extract which protects and moisturises your baby’s bottom naturally, spent grain wax, and the prebiotic, Gluco-oligosaccharide.

Shiso is a herb that is part of the mint family and we commonly see it in Asian cooking, predominantly in Japanese cuisine as a kind of decoration. But it’s properties definitely goes beyond just being a decoration on the plate!

The shiso plant contains a large proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, mainly alpha-linoleic acid, which is a kind of omega fat that our body cannot produce. Leaf extracts have shown antioxidant, antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, anorexigenic, and tumor-preventing properties. In a study, it was found that shiso extract actually inhibited acute inflamation for dermatitis.

Gluco-oligosaccharide (G-OS) is a water soluble oligosaccharide similar to those found in breast milk that help protect newborns from infection. These oligosaccharides help protect from infection without having bactericidal effects (prevents bacteria from causing an infection) and therefore do not induce bacterial resisitance (does not kill good bacteria so you build up a resistance to the good bacteria!). They work by stopping the bacteria from adhering to the cell wall, one of the first steps in mounting an infection and appear to act on Staphylococcus aureus – a bacteria found in the majority of patients who suffer from atopic dermatitis and is thought to be related to skin inflammation.

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