Interesting Gift Idea for Baby Shower

Shopping for a baby shower gift ? Or someone you know is having a baby and you are looking for a special gift for the person? Do you think that gift hampers, NTUC vouchers, red packet, baby clothing and accessories, tonic etc. are just too common and overly gifted?

Here is one suggestion: Diaper Cake.

diaper cakeYup. Firstly, it’s not a real cake, and you cannot eat it. It is a cake that is made up of diapers and decorated to look like a tiered cake. Secondly, it is practical. Diaper is an essential item in today’s parenting context, and what better than something which will definitely be used. Thirdly, it comes with other useful products that can be used on the baby or by the parents.

If you do a search on the internet, you will find many companies in the diaper cake business. Of all, The Diaper Cake Company offers something different. Their diaper cakes are bundled with products that are practical and handy to have around the house that can help care for the newborn baby.  Their concept and designs are also quite different from the rest. The diaper cakes can be personalized and each cake comes with a special card for the receiver’s keepsake. You also do not have to worry about delivering it yourself as delivery within Singapore is included.

Visit to check out the designs and product package they offer. Prices from S$140.

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