Kitchen Degreaser

Does your kitchen feel oily and greasy? Do the cabinets feel sticky and you could see a build-up of grime on the cabinet doors? And no matter how many times you clean using soap and water, the stain remains and the area is still sticky or oily?

Especially during the Lunar New Year in Singapore, where families are busy with their ‘spring cleaning’, it is easy and convenient for us to pick up a kitchen cleaner or degreaser from the supermarket and start using them to get rid of the stains, grime and stickiness.But not all kitchen cleaners or degreasers are the same. Some may have toxic chemicals in them, gives off funny smell when doing the job, or may even be unsafe to be used near food preparation area!

When it comes to cleaning products, it is important that they are safe to use indoors and do not leave any toxic chemicals behind after use. This is especially so for cleaning products in the kitchen, where it is most likely to contaminate the food.

To remove the layer of grime and dirt accumulated over the months, and even years, it doesn’t mean that you have to use toxic chemicals. Child safe and food safe organic cleaners are in the market. Made from natural and eco-friendly ingredients, the organic kitchen cleaner and kitchen degreaser will be a great way forward to get rid of the more stubborn and entrenched dirt and oil. Your kitchen will be sparkling clean and you can rest assured that the surfaces in the kitchen do not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals.

What about cleaning the cooker hood and the oil filter?

Looking for a solution to clean your cooker hood and oil filter? We would recommend the Bio+Green Crystal stainless steel cleaner and degreaser! See how easy and simple it is to clean the kitchen hood.

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