Get Rid of Stomach Wind

For generations in Singapore, Ru Yi You or 如意油 has been used by mothers (and grandmothers) to get rid of tummy wind or bloatedness in the stomach. Usually applied after the baby’s bath and around the belly button, Ru Yi Oil contains these ingredients:

  • Peppermint Oil 36.0%
  • Clove Oil 2.6%
  • Nutmeg Oil 0.6%
  • Menthol 1.6%
  • Borneol 1.0%
  • Cortex Cinnamon 1.0%
  • Resina Calamus Draco 1.0%
  • Light Liquid Paraffin 1.0%

What’s really causing that warm feeling to expel ‘wind’ is the peppermint oil. Mothers would also very quickly learn to not apply Ru Yi Oil directly on the baby’s skin to avoid over application of the oil resulting in a burning sensation. Looking at the list of ingredients, you would also notice Light Liquid Parrafin (?!?!). I would not be comfortable putting that stuff on my baby’s skin.

An alternative to get rid of stomach wind is the Buds Calming Tummy Rub. It soothes and calms your baby’s upset tummy. It is organic and contains organic peppermint, ginger and fennel to help ease the discomfort of bloated stomach. It also contains lavender essential oil to relax and calm your baby. Being formulated for babies and organic in nature, you will not have to worry about it causing damage to your baby’s skin.

Buds Calming Tummy Rub 30ml, $20.50
Buds Calming Tummy Rub 30ml, $20.50

Tips on applying:

  • Warm a pea-sized amount of the Calming Tummy Rub Cream between your fingers and thumb until it is oily.
  • Massage your baby’s abdomen in a clockwise motion following a circle around the belly button.
  • Recommend to allow at least 20 minutes after last feed before massaging your baby.
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