From us to you: Thank You.

2015 has been a crazy year for us. It was the year we really got out there and spoke to so many of you, our customers, face-to-face, via text messages or via Facebook.

We did things we never thought we would ever get a chance to do. We tried out baby fairs, thankful for other fellow vendors who gave us an opportunity to join them. We finally had our first booth in October 2015. THAT was mindblowing. That sense of pride to be able to share with you guys what we believed in, all under our brand.

We got our first distribution rights to the Sip’ns. We believe in the brand, and want to share with you how awesome this little product is! We will aim to have it in more stores, and make it easily accessible to you.

We are so so thankful for supportive suppliers. Suppliers who support us by providing us with our stock quickly, by doing shout-outs for our website. Suppliers who are MORE than just suppliers, who are friends. Suppliers who believe in us, share the same values as us and have a common goal.

Most of all, thankful for all of you. Most of you have become more than just our customers. Where possible, we have tried to ensure that you receive your orders as soon as possible. Where possible, we would recommend you the appropriate product so that you don’t waste money unnecessarily. Where possible, we would rather send you a sample to try it first; not because we don’t believe in our products, but because we want you to see that it works before you even purchase it.

Thank you for believing in us.
Thank you for willing to give us a shot.
Thank you for your continuous support.

You have not only given a small company like us a glimmer of hope that we are doing things right. You have given us a huge glow of light to show us how bright our future may be. It means a lot to us when you tell us you appreciate our services. And we will make sure it stays that way, the way it is right from the start. We will strive to bring you more essential products at affordable prices

From Big Little Me to our customers, our suppliers and our supporters, I hope you have a rawkin’ new year in 2016. It is going to be a BLAST!

Lots of love,
Justine, Donald, Oliver & Quentin

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