Introducing the first and only pouch top providing flow control and cap. The ChooMee Sip’n soft top is a chewy silicone valve used for pouch feeding which provides multiple features and critical benefits for both baby and parent. It simply attaches to the majority of pouches to ensure that you Maximise your Pouch Performance!

Pouches were created to provide parents with the convenience of feeding their child on the go. Pouches for weaning, for the older babies to encourage independence and self-feeding, and for toddlers who want a snack. And along with it comes the mess from over squeezing the pouch, spillage as the pouch drops on the floor, and a chewed up plastic spout that is hard to screw the cap over cos it is all out of shape. Now, with the Sip’n, you don’t have to worry any more about the above!

key benefits

beautiful chaos

“It was really fun and easy to use the Sip’n and I was surprised at the ease of it. I used to squeeze food out from the food pouch onto a spoon but this is really so much easier, cleaner and more convenient!” Mummy Vivien


“I am relieved to see that they are super soft and squishy, and are designed to protect our little ones’ gums. The ChooMee Sip’n has quickly became a cannot-live-without-it item as it leaves me (and my helper) hands free to fix our own meals while the twins eat.” Mummy Geraldine

calvina dawn“Mummy is very happy with it because so far, we’ve had 100% no spill! I also don’t worry about her biting on the plastic spout of the fruit pouch and accidentally ingesting plastic anymore!! In all honesty, I wish I’d known about this product sooner. It would have saved me a lot of worry and cleaning up.” Mummy Calvina

wifeymumsie“Damien actually let go of the food pouch and started slamming his hands on it!!! The husband and I were shocked and we stopped everything we were doing to rush towards him (it’s an automatic response from parents lah), but… there was no mess, nothing. The mash didn’t squirt out at all. OMG. So nifty. Goodbye spills and squirts.” Mummy Serynn

Check out the full reviews of the Choomee Sip’n. The ChooMee Sip’n also works on drink pouches. We tested it on a Ribena drink pouch.


1) Attach to the pouch to protect the little ones’ mouth & control the flow of food.


2) Allow you to cap the pouch securely when baby feels full


3) Wap the strap around the pouch top to easily pair them on the go.


The ChooMee Sip’n soft tops are made of FDA Compliant silicone, are BPA & Pthalate free, reusable, and dishwasher & freezer safe! It is also compatible with most commercial food pouches like Plum Organics, Gerbers, Ella’s Kitchen, Bellamy’s Organic, Rafferty’s Garden, Heinz, Happy Baby, and reusable pouches like Sinchies & NurturMe.

The ChooMee Sip’n soft tops are also available at 1010mc logo  and loveforearth.


S$14.90 for a single pack.