Pet Safe Cleaner

Pet ownership is on the rise in Singapore. Pets are also quite sensitive to chemicals found in domestic household cleaners. Therefore, your pets could be poisoned unknowingly due to contact with cleaners such as bleaches, detergents or polishes. This is something which the manufacturer knows and in certain brands, they even state that pets should be kept out of the area until the area has been dried thoroughly to prevent any poisoning of pets. The mixing of water with the cleaning product is also important to maintain the balance as too much of the cleaning product can sometimes be harmful to the occupants in the house.


Corrosive cleaners (bleaches and oven cleaners) can have high levels of acidity and alkaline contents. When these products come in contact with your pet’s skin, they can cause skin irritation. Some can also irritate the animal’s respiratory system. Cats, for instance, are sensitive to the presence of phenols. Therefore, if this chemical is found in your household cleaner or disinfectant, it is recommended that you do a thorough wipe down after use to remove any chemical residue.


Fortunately, there are plenty of safer and eco-friendly cleaning products out there that are safe for your pets. There is a growing demand for pet safe cleaning products and these products are usually made from natural and non-toxic ingredients. Opting for an organic cleaner may be the solution to a clean home without having to sacrifice the health of your pets.

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