Organic Cleaning Products

Everyone wants to clean their homes with ease. Minimal effort, maximum effect. I mean, who wants to spend so many hours cleaning and scrubbing? Haha..not me, for sure!

Most of the domestic cleaning products contain chemicals that I’ve never heard before. Well, apart from the well-known bleach, and “lavender-scented” or the “apple-scented” ingredients. These chemicals make my home squeaky clean, kills 99.9% bacteria and germs and have a ‘fast-drying formula”. You know, just so my floor dries in super record time. Haha.

But we know these chemicals pose some kind of hazard, after-all it says “POISON”Β in some fine print somewhere. You find that your skin on the back of your hands get a little drier each time you use it. Some cleaners leave a weird soapy film on your palms. Some cleaners make your nose sting a little as you take a whiff of it when you are cleaning.


In Singapore and most parts of the world, consumers are becoming more educated on the impact of harmful chemicals on their family and even on the environment (being biodegradable). Hence, more companies are jumping on the bandwagon and starting to develop and market organic household cleaners that are non-toxic, natural and environmentally friendly. No longer do we have to rely on strong chemicals to keep our homes clean and fresh.

By switching to organic products to clean your household, you eliminate toxic chemicals and fumes from your house and remove the health hazards they pose to you and your family. Furthermore, you are doing your part for the environment as the active ingredients in the cleaning products are bio-degradable.



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