Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper rash is the bane of all existence for all new moms. It could be a result of the body wash, or diaper, or lotion, or baby has sensitive skin. For babies with persistent diaper rash, more often than not, the poor parents have to go through the hassle of figuring out what is the cause of the diaper rash, and then go through another round to figuring out which diaper cream works best for their child.

When Ollie was born, he had some diaper rash. But being new parents, we figured we just had to keep using water to wipe rather than using baby wipes to keep the diaper rash at bay. We did not use any diaper cream at all. After a couple of days, we figured that it seemed to get even more aggravated, so we ended up with our first tube of diaper cream, and we constantly used it after. With QT, he was in the Special Care Nursery for 9 days as he was born 6 weeks early. He had a mild case of diaper rash and the doctor prescribed a maximum strength diaper cream for QT..which stank to the high heavens. Urgh.  Interestingly, both boys didn’t seem to have much diaper rash when they were in reusable diapers. Hrm.

Check your baby’s bum often for signs of redness as diaper rash can be very uncomfortable for the baby. To clean your baby’s bottom, use plain water to rinse any poop off instead of a baby wipe. Try a squirt bottle or to squeeze water off a cotton ball. If you need to use a wipe, avoid those with alcohol or fragrances as these will further irritate the sore skin. Gently pat the area dry before you apply the diaper cream. Most diaper creams, such as Desitin, contain zinc oxide and the cream works like a protective layer by creating a barrier between the skin and the diaper. For babies with sensitive skin, there are organic lotions available that moisturise and nurture the skin, and reduce the inflammation and soothe irritated skin. Such organic lotions, like the Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream and Buds Organic Nappy Time Change Cream, are also suitable for those who use reusable diapers.

Intensive Soothing Cream, 12.50
Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream, 12.50
Buds Organics Everyday Nappy Time Change Cream, $14.50
Buds Organics Everyday Nappy Time Change Cream, $14.50

It is not advisable to use talcum powder as it will not form the protective layer against moisture. In the humid Singapore weather, the powder will absorb the sweat and cause friction when rubbed thus aggravating your baby’s delicate skin. As much as possible, let your baby go nappy free. Air the diaper area as frequent as you can to allow air circulation which aids the healing process.


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