Avocado Smoothie Recipe

All you need for a simple smoothie to cool down on a hot day! Fill up a Sili Squeeze reusable pouch for kiddo for a mess-free snack (mess free for mom too! I mean it stands on its own & has a wide opening to spoon/pour smoothies in!)

1 cup of fruit juice
3-4 tbsp of plain yoghurt
2 avocado
2 very ripe pears

Makes 3 adult serves.

I used a blend of apple (red & green), oranges and carrots for the fruit juice. Yoghurt contains awesome loads of calcium and probiotics that are good for the digestive tract. Avocado contains some good fats & folate for brain development, makes your smoothie extra creamy! I threw in pears to give the smoothie some texture.

Blend & enjoy! (I freeze any extras for another day)

smoothie recipe

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