Alcohol-free Sanitiser

Alcohol is an active ingredient in most sanitisers due to it’s properties to kill germs and bacteria. However, as most of us know, alcohol can be a skin irritant and dries skin when used excessively. It is also too potent to be used on a young child’s skin. As a result, companies have developed alcohol-free sanitisers by using a replacement, benzalkonium chloride. Its properties inhibit or kill the growth of germs and bacteria.

However, studies have shown that long term exposure to benzalkonium chloride could lead to asthma and dermatitis.

How now, brown cow? What if I told you that there is a product, called Bio Shield, which actually protects the skin by killing off harmful germs and bacteria when they come in contact with the skin, and is alcohol-free? That these are vitamin based sanitisers, vitamins that can be found in our body, so that it is absolutely safe for people with sensitive skin?

These products are known as body protectants and they “sanitize” even before the germs and bacteria come in contact with you. Take an active approach to healthier and cleaner living.

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