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Ollie is a big fan of water play. Water parks, pool, name it, he’s there. And kids, being kids, they grow up so quickly. He has already gone through 4 swimsuits.

water, water, everywhere!

water, water, everywhere!

Natural emollients Sunflower, Olive and Jojoba Oils and Shea Butter offer deep moisturisation while Aloe Vera and rich Olive Leaf Extract and natural Vitamin E offer protections against free radical damage and Bisabolol soothes inflammation

Having fun in the outdoors usually means exposing yourself to the elements. Especially in sunny Singapore, exposure to the sun may be one deterrent for people to have fun outdoors or have fun in the water. Prolong exposure to the sun without proper protection ages the skin and can cause irreversible damage. Therefore, as much as you can, try to cover up with a hat or long sleeve top. Living in Perth for 3 years have taught us to slather up with sunscreen whenever we head out in the summer. And we were determined to do so when bringing the kids out for waterplay in Singapore.

The use of sunscreen is recommended when you are heading outdoors as it blocks out both UVB and UVA radiation. In general, a sunblock with SPF15 is sufficient for most people. Of course, the higher the SPF, the better the protection. But do note that SPF30 does not mean that it is twice the strength of SPF15. A SPF15 sunscreen filters out 93% of UVB ray while a SPF30 sunscreen filters out 97% of UVB ray. If you look at SPF50, it filters out 98% of the UVB ray.

Most sunblock in the market use the mineral zinc oxide as the active ingredient, and are usually water resistant. However, they usually feel cakey when applied on the skin, or if you are particular like me, it has a funky smell (chemical or coconut-y). Thankfully, there are organic sunscreens in the market that provide the same protection but are made with natural ingredients, without harmful chemicals such as aluminium, phthalates, or parabens. These options may be more suited for people with eczema or sensitive skin.

Little Innoscents Sun Lotion contains no harmful chemicals, is fragrance-free and rubs into the skin really well. It also contains Vitamin E and aloe vera to hydrate the skin whilst playing under the sun! Another organic sunscreen that I recommend is the Buds Organic Solar Care Lotion, which is specially created for children. It contains shea butter to moisturise the skin, while aloe vera, olive leaf extract and natural Vitamin E offer protections against free radical damage and Bisabolol soothes inflammation.

Both are organic options and are suitable for babies and sensitive skin. The key difference between the two: Little Innoscents Sun Lotion offers SPF30 protection and uses zinc oxide, while the Bud Solar Care Lotion offers SPF25 protection and uses titanium dioxide.


Baby Heat Rash

Newborns are swaddled constantly to provide them with a simulated feeling that they are still enclosed in their mummy’s womb. Newborns also have limited ability to regulate their temperature, and have sweat glands only on their head, neck, hands and feet.

In a hot and humid country like Singapore, it is common for babies to develop some heat rash on their neck. Heat rash, sometimes known as prickly heat, develops when the sweat glands are clogged, preventing perspiration from getting out. It affects people of all ages but most common in children and babies because their pores are smaller compared to adults.

Areas around the neck, armpits and back of knees and elbows are most likely to be affected. Diaper area is also susceptible to heat rash due to the lack of ventilation. It can be itchy and the bumps can be sensitive to touch, but it will heal on its own. As parents, we can help to relieve the itching and discomfort by moving our child into a cooler environment. Moving to an air-conditioned place is effective and helps because it cools down the overheated body and the air is less humid, thus less perspiration. When the body has cooled, try a soothing lotion to provide relief for your child. It is not advisable to simple apply any lotion without first cooling the body as the lotion will cause the pores to clog up further more as the body tries to perspire more to counter the heat.

An alternative such as cornstarch powder or a mineral powder may also help absorb excess moisture and prevent further aggravation to the already sore skin.

Little Innoscents Mineral Powder, $10.50

Little Innoscents Mineral Powder, $10.50

Organic Baby Products

As parents, we recognise the benefits of going organic for our children.  Our organic products on are made from ingredients derived naturally from plants and minerals. They are not only organic, but  are also eco-friendly. Being chemical free and non-toxic, they are light and gentle on the most delicate and sensitive skin, making them suitable for babies with easily irritated skin, eczema, or dry skin. Try our range of organic baby body wash, moisturisers, and sunscreen. We have tried these products on our kids and are willing to stake our reputation on it.

Going organic does not need to be expensive. We are determined to bring it to you at affordable prices. Apart from organic baby products, we also have a range of products for adults and your home.

Vapour Rub

Stuffy noses and chesty coughs. Two symptoms that could disturb your child’s sleep. And usually, one’s first reaction is to reach for that vapour rub sitting in your medicine cabinet to soothe the discomfort. One popular brand that we are familiar with in Singapore is Vicks Vapour Rub. The mentholatum provides quick relief for the child and clears nasal passage. I remembered using it when I was a child and the warming effect just seemed to make everything feel better.

However, most vapour rubs or chest rubs contain petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons, a byproduct of petroleum. One of the side effects of using petroleum jelly is that it suffocates the skin, reducing the amount of oxgen that is being absorbed through the skin. Mineral oils may also aggravate stressful skin conditions such as eczema.

For parents who are conscious about the use of petroleum jelly on their child, there are organic vapour rubs available in the market that can provide the same relief and ease cough, yet without the greasiness of petrolatum.

You can try our Little Innoscents Winter Blues Vapour Balm that does not contain any petrolatum, and just the goodness of Wintergreen and Eucalyptus essential oils, and calming Lavender to lull your child to sleep.

Little Innoscents Winter Blues Vapour Balm

Little Innoscents Winter Blues Vapour Balm, $12.50

Eczema Baby Wash

The red, scaly and dry patch of skin that you find on the chest, on elbows, on thighs. The signature tell-tale sign of eczema.

You can imagine how I felt when I saw that on my child’s cheeks, neck-folds and chest.

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, affects around 1 in 5 babies and children. It is a chronic dry and itchy skin condition that prompts the baby or child to scratch, which usually further irritate the skin and aggravate the condition. It is frustrating to cope with eczema especially in the humid weather of Singapore, as heat and humidity exacerbates the problem.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for eczema but it can be controlled.  The key is to keep the skin cool and to moisturise frequently. Moisturising prevents the skin from getting dry and helps to reduce the stretched and itchy feeling. A good skin care and bath routine will also help.   Take short baths with warm water. Water that is too cold or too hot can irritate the skin. Soapy baths or bubble baths can also dry the skin. So try to opt for a baby wash that are unscented, chemical free and moisturising. If you use a wash cloth, make sure it is not rough. After the bath, pat dry rather than rub. Apply moisturising lotion or cream immediately while the skin is still moist and fresh to prevent the skin from drying up. It is also good practice to moisturise regularly and frequently. For clothing, dress your baby/child in clothes that are breezy and airy; nothing too tight as they will rub against and irritate the skin.

Check out our range of organic baby products that can help to manage eczema, and soothe broken and irritated skin as a result of scratching:


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