Bio+Green Crystals are our line of highly effective, nutraceutical grade, plant-derived, doctor endorsed cleaners. They are also safe to be used near pets. These contain no VOCโ€™s or toxic components of any type and are also environmentally superior due to the elimination of water in the shipping/storage process and NBGSโ€™ super concentrated formulations.

We envelope our pre-measured crystals into water soluble sachets to create a product that not only has zero residual packaging waste, but also eliminates the need for measurement and handling of the concentrate itself. The outer packaging of the product is made from recycled materials, designed for disassembly and printed with environmentally responsible vegetable inks, making this container a true zero-waste delivery system.

The Bio+Green crystals range include all-purpose cleaner, natural degreaser, stainless steel cleaner, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner and a baby safe toy cleaner.

The more popular ones are the all-purpose cleaner (for the whole house, including kitchen), toy cleaner (perfect for cleaning toys and playmats) and the natural degreaser (to clean the hard stain from the cooker hood and oven).