Nature Knows Best. Especially when it comes to skin.

Four Cow Farm products are Australian Certified Organic and the company uses the finest pure, genuine and natural ingredients for their range of skincare products, overseen by the family at every step of the process.

Four Cow Farm is a business that sprouted from a grandmother’s love for her grandchildren. Using Nanna’s time-tested recipes and traditional ingredients sourced from suppliers only she knows and trusts, Four Cow Farm developed their baby skincare range. All without the addition of unnecessary fragrance and chemicals commonly found in most commercial products.

Four Cow Farm uses only pure, cold pressed olive, macadamia, sweet almond and sunflower seed oils. Through cold pressing, these oils retain their natural vitamins and soothing properties, making them effective, soothing and beneficial for the skin.

Four cow farm also only uses essential oils and extracts which have a beneficial effect on baby’s skin, which means the aroma you smell is the result of top grade ingredients and never that or additional fragrance which can be a trigger for allergic reactions, especially for sensitive skin.