Little Innoscents Winter Blues Vapour Balm



Expiry: Feb 2021

Contains Wintergreen & Eucalyptus essential oils, bringing warm to the body and alleviating ailments like nasal congestion and coughs.


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    Gentle on the sinuses, warming your body with essential oils of Wintergreen & Eucalyptus, that’s what this vapour balm is capable of doing.

    An organic alternative to greasy petrolatum based remedies picked up from the pharmacy or supermarket, this is 100% natural and safe for babies. In addition, it is a low allergen and safe for babies with sensitive skin!


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    1. Justine

      This balm has worked so well for my kids especially when they are coughing or having a blocked nose! It just soothes them to sleep so quickly and these days, I just use the balm for a pre-bedtime massage which they love!

    2. halizah

      i ask for a sample so i tried to my baby when he have bad cough due to e hazy, thank god his cough getting better & can sleep through out e night. so i decided to purchase to it & when e balm arrived my elder son have a slight cough so i apply it on his feet & wore a shoes the next days his cough is better. m happy with the product.

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