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Little Innoscents Baby Hair & Body Wash, Cherry Coconut, 250ml


Expiry: Sept 2021

A luscious all-in-one hair and bodywash gel that is made from naturally-derived plant materials and plant extracts. Replenish and hydrate your little one’s hair with our Cherry Coconut scented wash that will leave your body smelling fresh and radiant.

Worried about our lather? Fret not! We use plant based fatty alcohols and glucose (corn starch) to gives us bubbles that kids love. without nasty sulphates. These plant based ingredients are perfect for the formulation of this bath and shower gel without drying our skin!

Ideal to use daily on any skin type, even the most sensitive, and beautifully pH balanced to ensure it doesn’t strip away the body’s natural oils. Perfect for daily use and safe to use on babies with stressful skin conditions like eczema. This hair and body wash has  truly irresistible qualities.


Expiry date: 02/2021


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