Bio Shield kiddie 120ml



Expiry: Apr 2023

  • Dermatologist-tested, nutraceutical grade
  • Antimicrobial vitamins layer
  • Organic body protection spray for babies and children.

How to use:

Spray liberally on exposed body parts. To apply on face, spray on hands and apply on face. Respray every 4 hourly and when any body part has been wiped down or washed.

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    Now in 120ml bottle! A vitamin based, dermatologist-tested body protectant, Bio Shield Kiddie safely and temporarily protects the skin of children as young as babies from toxins, bacteria and allergens in areas where they are most likely to fester.

    Formulated with natural ingredients such as bioflavanoids, ubiquinol, MenaQ7 Natural K2, Lipowheat – SkinGest PSORTM, it makes it the top topical body protectant spray developed to maintain and enhance the skin’s natural immune functions

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    1. Jamie Phua

      Really glad to have been introduced the BioShield Kiddie from a friend. Ever since using it, my kids (4 and 6) are falling sick less frequently. I am also less worried when they go into the indoor playgrounds as it helps to protect against HFMD as well. Thank you.

    2. Elizabeth

      Love this product! I have been using it on my kids for more than a year now, it is easy to apply (i.e. just spray on), safe to use and it seems to help in reducing the frequency of them catching a bug. Will definitely continue to use this product.

    3. Terine Toh

      Highly recommend to all mummies. Daily spray before any outdoor activities keep the germs and potential HFMD viruses at bay.

    4. marina yap

      Have been using this for more than a year n recommended to my family as it does seems to help to reduce the chances of them catching a bug from his classmates.

    5. Crystal Chan

      I was getting to know this BIO SHIELD KIDDIE through Big Little ME from Facebook. It’s such a good body protectant for my little one who is going to the childcare soon in next year. I did apply this to my son whenever he goes to the public area, it does reduce the chances for him from being sick. I ever recommend this product to my fellow colleagues, friends & also neighbours. Thank you very much to Big Little Me for bringing in such a good product to all of the parents & children. It really benefits us a lots. Once again, thank you to Big Little Me. Please bring in more fantastic & good products for all of us.

    6. yitleng.ho

      I am extremely scare of HFMD, because personally it cause dire effect on me more than my son.
      So i immediately got the trial bottle when i chanced upon this product randomly on Facebook.

      Works on my 15th month boy who is always on the move and exploring this and that, he is getting lesser bout of flu and hopefully it will continue to work magically on him when he attends CC in June! Thank u for sourcing this wonderful product.

    7. Linda Teo

      We have been using Bioshield for a few years so far so good! Before we know about this brand, my daughter has one bout of HFMD and I got it twice so you could imagine the fear & agony we had gone through Yikes!
      Glad we found this! Thank you.

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    Bio Shield Flex 60ml


    Expiry: Mar 2023

    Bio Shield Flex is an USDA certified organic hand and body protectant spray. Works like Bio Shield Kiddie and formulated for adults and children. Kill germs and protect up to 4 hours!

    • Dermatologist-tested, nutraceutical grade
    • Antimicrobial bioflavonoid layer
    • Organic hand and skin protection spray for adults and children (10 years & above)

    Bio Shield Flex is an antimicrobial hand protection spray that uses organic citrus-derived Bioflavonoids to cleanse and protect your hands and skin of undesirable micro-organisms naturally. It is USDA Organic certified and provides for maximum effect against microbes bacteria and allergens, without you having to worry about drying out of your skin from alcohol.

    How to use:

    Spray liberally on hands, arms, or any exposed skin. Rub until dry. Respray every 4 hourly for total protection or when your hands/skin has been wiped down or washed.

    For International orders, please contact us before placing your order.