Bio Shield Flex 60ml


Expiry: Mar 2023

Bio Shield Flex is an USDA certified organic hand and body protectant spray. Works like Bio Shield Kiddie and formulated for adults and children. Kill germs and protect up to 4 hours!

  • Dermatologist-tested, nutraceutical grade
  • Antimicrobial bioflavonoid layer
  • Organic hand and skin protection spray for adults and children (10 years & above)

Bio Shield Flex is an antimicrobial hand protection spray that uses organic citrus-derived Bioflavonoids to cleanse and protect your hands and skin of undesirable micro-organisms naturally. It is USDA Organic certified and provides for maximum effect against microbes bacteria and allergens, without you having to worry about drying out of your skin from alcohol.

How to use:

Spray liberally on hands, arms, or any exposed skin. Rub until dry. Respray every 4 hourly for total protection or when your hands/skin has been wiped down or washed.

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