Bitatto is a reusable plastic lid or cover that you can use to replace the flimsy seal on your wet wipes packaging. It is easy to attach and helps to ensure a complete seal, preventing premature drying of wet wipes, keeping them moist to the last piece.

Bitatto wet wipes covers are delicately designed and precision engineered to keep wipes moist. It is carefully designed to keep up with the highest standard of quality for the safety of your baby and children. Designed to be reusable, the covers could easily be attached and removed. The use of it is kept simple, with minimal maintenance. Why do I need to get the Bitatto Wet Wipe Cover? We wrote a quick summary of the benefits of the Bitatto.


How to use Bitatto

  1. Remove the original seal from the package. Be careful not to tear the package.
  2. Remove the white protective sheet from the adhesive on the Bitatto. Be careful not to peel off the adhesive sheet. If you have accidentally peeled the adhesive sheet, press it back and peel the white sheet from the other corners.
  3. Place the Bitatto over the mouth of the package. Take extra care to make sure there are no ‘wrinkles’ on where the adhesive will be on and the area is clean. If there is, you can reattach the Bitatto. Gently press the Bitatto onto the package and leave it for 5 minutes.
  4. When removing the Bitatto from the package, close the lid and remove it slowly. The adhesive sheet could be damaged/torn if the Bitatto is pulled too quickly from the package.

How to clean Bitatto

After multiple uses, the adhesive sheet could have attracted dirt or dust which weakens the adhesive strength.When this happens, wash the adhesive with water and rub it gently with your fingers. Do not scrub it with your nails. If the adhesive get in contact with oil or lotion, you can wash it using a mild detergent and rinse off with water.

For maximum lifespan of your Bitatto, do not expose the adhesive to direct sunlight. When you notice a change in the colour of the adhesive, we recommend replacing the Bitatto with a new one.

The adhesive sheet does deteriorate over time, even if you do not frequently remove and re-attach the Bitatto. When the adhesive loses its strength even after washing, we recommend replacing the Bitatto with a new one. In normal usage, the Bitatto can last for about 4 months.