From us to you: Thank You.

the team at Big Little Me

the team at Big Little Me

2015 has been a crazy year for us. It was the year we really got out there and spoke to so many of you, our customers, face-to-face, via text messages or via Facebook.

We did things we never thought we would ever get a chance to do. We tried out baby fairs, thankful for other fellow vendors who gave us an opportunity to join them. We finally had our first booth in October 2015. THAT was mindblowing. That sense of pride to be able to share with you guys what we believed in, all under our brand.

We got our first distribution rights to the Sip’ns. We believe in the brand, and want to share with you how awesome this little product is! We will aim to have it in more stores, and make it easily accessible to you.

We are so so thankful for supportive suppliers. Suppliers who support us by providing us with our stock quickly, by doing shout-outs for our website. Suppliers who are MORE than just suppliers, who are friends. Suppliers who believe in us, share the same values as us and have a common goal.

Most of all, thankful for all of you. Most of you have become more than just our customers. Where possible, we have tried to ensure that you receive your orders as soon as possible. Where possible, we would recommend you the appropriate product so that you don’t waste money unnecessarily. Where possible, we would rather send you a sample to try it first; not because we don’t believe in our products, but because we want you to see that it works before you even purchase it.

Thank you for believing in us.
Thank you for willing to give us a shot.
Thank you for your continuous support.

You have not only given a small company like us a glimmer of hope that we are doing things right. You have given us a huge glow of light to show us how bright our future may be. It means a lot to us when you tell us you appreciate our services. And we will make sure it stays that way, the way it is right from the start. We will strive to bring you more essential products at affordable prices

From Big Little Me to our customers, our suppliers and our supporters, I hope you have a rawkin’ new year in 2016. It is going to be a BLAST!

Lots of love,
Justine, Donald, Oliver & Quentin

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

When you reach a certain age, you will realize that friends around you are starting to have babies and then there are baby showers to attend. One question that comes up frequently is ‘what should I get?’. At the back of your mind, you might be thinking about something practical and useful, but not cash or gift vouchers as it kind of lose the meaning of the gift. We have done the searching for you and compiled a list of practical and meaningful gifts in Singapore for baby shower.


Helping the Nursing Mummilk bag

Breastfeeding is a tiring but rewarding journey. Many will try and some will eventually choose to give-up because the circumstances just isn’t right. Support your friend with some help on her breast feeding journey. A nursing pillow can help to ease some load off the mother during feeds. Milk Storage bags are also something that mothers will find handy. Even when they are no longer feeding, the bags can be used to store puree for freezing. Would avoid milk bottles unless you pretty much know which ones to get.


Baby Care Products

What I am referring to here are not the usual baby moisturizing cream or body wash. I am referring to products that new parents may overlook because they never knew that they needed those. A baby is sure to have some form of nasal congestion, itchy spots, or bloated tummy at some point in time. Get these stuff for the new parents and they will appreciate your thought when the situation calls for it. For example, there is an organic vapor balm to ease nasal blockage (same as Vicks, only organic and does not contain petroleum), an organic tummy rub cream to relieve tummy wind (similar to Ru Yi oil, only organic and does not contain paraffin), or an organic cream that soothes itch and rashes. If you want, you can also consider an ear thermometer, because the baby is sure to have a fever and a reliable ear thermometer would come in handy.



Diaper Cakediaper cake singapore

We live in the age where disposable diapers are a norm in many household with babies. Diapers are also one of the biggest need for a new parent. A suggestion is to get ‘S’ size rather than ‘newborn’ as the baby can grow quite fast. But to just give diapers in the raw form may not look presentable. Get a diaper cake instead. A diaper cake is, firstly not edible and, made up of diapers to resemble a cake. The cakes are usually personalized and bundled with other baby products like baby bibs, blanket, and booties. However, only at The Diaper Cake Company, will you find that the diaper cakes are bundled with premium and organic baby care products that solves problems for the parents. You can actually check out their products at


Relaxing package for the mother

Reward the mother with a well-deserved spa or post-natal message. Some believe that it can help with getting back to shape and get rid of ‘wind’. Maybe a pedicure or foot spa for mothers who are not due because it can really be a treat after not being able to cut your own nails with the growing tummy. However, some shops may refuse to serve pregnant customers due to liability concerns.


berry essence

Health Supplements

The norm has always been chicken essence, bird nest or even Yomeishu. If you know that your friend is someone who is not fond of these stuff, an alternative could be the InnerShine® Berry Essence by Brands. It contains the goodness of seven types of premium berries, and is an excellent source of antioxidants. It contains Zinc and is fortified with Vitamin A, C & E.