BeBeSup Wipes!

We are totally sold on the quality of BeBeSup wipes and are now retailers of it!

One of our customers wanted to share with his pregnant friends about the BeBeSup wipes so we came up with these gift packs. They include a travel sized pack of the Zero, Sensitive & Sheer Gold wipes. We love our wipes and am sure you will too!

bebesup gift

Pouch Feeding

Feeding on the go, or the kids just needed a quick snack along the way?

Food pouches can come in handy for this purpose. However, parents may shun away from food pouches primarily for two reasons, they wonder about the nutrition intake, and the mess that can potentially come with it. We are not nutritionists, so we will not discuss about what’s in the pouch. What we do want to share are the options out there to help parents reduce the mess when introducing pouches to their kids. So lets talk about mess.

What caused the mess?

We know that at that young age, the kid’s fine motor control is not yet fully developed and sometimes, they may squeeze too hard on the pouch, and EVERYTHING comes out. So, as parents, we take over the role of feeding them by carefully squirting the content on a spoon and feed them with the spoon. Well, that’s fine, but not if you are feeding on the go or if you are driving. Also, it can be a challenge to squeeze the food on the pouch without accidentally squeezing too much!

pouch spoon

To deal with this partially, companies have designed pouch spoons! Spoons that fit on top of the pouch and all you have to do is to squeeze the pouch and the content goes straight onto the spoon. In the market, there are a few options: Squooshi, Sinchies, Munchkin, and Vitalbaby have produced their own pouch spoons. You may have seen some of them in departmental stores or parents specialty shops in Singapore.

While pouch spoons overcome the the problem of having to squeeze the food onto a separate feeding spoon, it does not promote independent feeding or help to reduce the mess with accidental squeeze. To promote independent feeding and to deal with the accidental squeeze, ChooMee has developed the Sip’n soft top.


It has a flow control feature to prevent spills so the parents would no longer have to feed, which helps to promote independent feeding. Furthermore, it is made of soft silicon and fully covers the hard plastic spout of the food pouch. No more worry about the kid chewing on the plastic and cutting their gums or lips!

Find out more about how the ChooMee Sip’n works.



Super Baby Onesie for the Super Hero Diaper Cake

Our Super Baby bodysuit is not only a hit during the baby fair, it has also made its way to The Diaper Cake Company.  Our Super Baby bodysuit matched with the superhero themed diaper cake by The Diaper Cake Company! These bodysuits are going everywhere!

Super Hero Diaper Cake

Also a shout out for The Diaper Cake Company, who does personalized diaper cakes for baby showers and full month celebrations. You can find them at

Super Soothing Rescue Lotion vs Skin Allergic Reaction

Kiddo #2 had a skin allergic reaction to a towel washed in regular laundry detergent and broke out in a rash.

We used Buds Super Soothing Rescue Lotion throughout the day and after his bath. The ‘after’ photos were taken 4 days later! The Super Soothing Rescue lotion works with a prebiotic that helps to protect the skin and yet treat it!

super soothing cream before after

Give it a shot! Request for a sample from us today (whilst stocks last)!