Save our Skin Lotion for cuts, scratches & bruises

If you are looking for a cream that will aid in healing of scratches and bruises, try the Buds Organics Save Our Skin lotion!

It contains the beneficial bacteria boosting prebiotic, Gluco-oligosaccharide, selectively fuels the growth of healthy bacteria on your baby’s skin while inhibiting the growth of detrimental bacteria, aiding in the healing of the skin; tea tree oil, which has anti-bacterial properties; and Shiso extract.

Try it today!

SALE ALERT! Bio Shield – Blast from the Past

We are having a superb sale for our Bio Shield products. Get protected today and take advantage of our sale price.

Here is our previous post on what Bio Shield is about, and what is the difference between Bio Shield body protectant and a hand sanitizer?

With a hand santizer, you are just cleaning your hands before you touch something. After you touched an object, if it has bacteria or germs, your hands get infected again. You are carrier of germs and bacteria, and you may ingest the said contaminant if you do not wash your hands thoroughly, or you may even pass the germs and bacteria to someone else. 

Bio Shield RangeWith Bio Shield body protectant, you are not only cleaning your hands. You are protecting it for the next four hours. If you were to pick an object with bacteria and germs, the germs and bacteria will die upon contact with this protective layer on your hands. You do not bring the germs and bacteria around with you.

You may ask, if Bio Shield kills germs and bacteria, what about germs and bacteria on our skin that actually protect us?

Bio Shield is vitamin based, and is made from vitamins that our body is already producing. So not only will it not kill beneficial germs and bacteria, our skin will also not grow any resistance to it.

Bio Shield is also organic and alcohol-free, hence not damaging skin. It protects us from common germs like cough and flu, E. Coli, Samonella, HMFD (A16 strain), H1N1. Perfect for the toddler who wants to touch everything and anything, lift buttons, door handles, hand rails, shared toys, ball pits, etc.

Why not protect your family with Bio Shield?

Double Prints Drool Pads

Our new batch of drool pads are here and are ready for order. You now get two designs on a pair of drool pads! Flip them inside out for a different look and style. All comes with 3 ribbons on the side.


Double sided drool pads go for $35/pair with free postage! For those of you interested in our single print drool pads, you will be pleased to know that they are still available at $30/pair!

Now go check out the various designs of our new drool pads!