Get Rid of Stomach Wind

For generations in Singapore, Ru Yi You or 如意油 has been used by mothers (and grandmothers) to get rid of tummy wind or bloatedness in the stomach. Usually applied after the baby’s bath and around the belly button, Ru Yi Oil contains these ingredients:

  • Peppermint Oil 36.0%
  • Clove Oil 2.6%
  • Nutmeg Oil 0.6%
  • Menthol 1.6%
  • Borneol 1.0%
  • Cortex Cinnamon 1.0%
  • Resina Calamus Draco 1.0%
  • Light Liquid Paraffin 1.0%

What’s really causing that warm feeling to expel ‘wind’ is the peppermint oil. Mothers would also very quickly learn to not apply Ru Yi Oil directly on the baby’s skin to avoid over application of the oil resulting in a burning sensation. Looking at the list of ingredients, you would also notice Light Liquid Parrafin (?!?!). I would not be comfortable putting that stuff on my baby’s skin.

An alternative to get rid of stomach wind is the Buds Calming Tummy Rub. It soothes and calms your baby’s upset tummy. It is organic and contains organic peppermint, ginger and fennel to help ease the discomfort of bloated stomach. It also contains lavender essential oil to relax and calm your baby. Being formulated for babies and organic in nature, you will not have to worry about it causing damage to your baby’s skin.

Tips on applying:

  • Warm a pea-sized amount of the Calming Tummy Rub Cream between your fingers and thumb until it is oily.
  • Massage your baby’s abdomen in a clockwise motion following a circle around the belly button.
  • Recommend to allow at least 20 minutes after last feed before massaging your baby.

Eczema Cream

As you know, eczema is a chronic skin condition that results in itchy and irritated skin. The area is usually dry and scratching it just worsen the condition. A good regimen is important to control eczema, and it includes washing and moisturising the skin. In Singapore’s humid and hot weather, it makes it worse for people with eczema due to perspiration and heat.

In mild cases, doctors may prescribe over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. Corticosteroid creams and ointments are also usually prescribed to treat and control eczema. A stronger steroid cream would also be prescribed if the eczema is more severe. Dermatologists would usually recommend that you keep the skin hydrated by regular shower (with a non-drying body wash) and to moisturise immediately afterwards.  The purpose of the moisturiser is to keep the keep hydrated, which soothes the itch. The cream or lotion should be applied following the line of the hairs on the skin to reduce irritation.

At, we have a range of organic and natural products that can help control and treat eczema. We have body wash that are gentle on the skin, reduce irritation, and are suitable for babies with eczema. The Little Innoscents Hair and Body Wash is a deep-cleansing hair & body gel infused with sandalwood and sweet orange essential oils. The Super Soothing Hydrating Cleanser by Buds Organics Soothing range cleanses sore, irritated and eczema-prone skin. It contains gluco-oligosaccharide which is a prebiotic that selectively fuels the growth of the healthy bacteria on your baby’s skin while inhibiting the growth of detrimental bacteria.


For after bath care, we have the Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream with the healing properties of calendula & therapeutic properties of rosewood essential oils. This cream soothes itches and moisturise eczema prone skin. The other option is the Buds Organic Super Soothing Rescue Lotion. It is boosted with gluco-ogliosaccharide and packed with a combination of organic ingredients such as calming Shiso extract, soothing aloe vera, recovery boosting Spent Grain Wax, antioxidant rich Olive Leaf Extract and hydrating Fructan that will nourish, treat and heal your baby’s sore, irritated eczema prone skin. It is a best seller for many of our eczema sufferers, babies and adults!

Super Soothing Rescue Lotion, $20.50

Super Soothing Rescue Lotion, $20.50

Bio+Green Crystals Organic Cleaners

We weren’t kidding when we said Bio+Green Crystals organic cleaners just follow a “spray & wipe” principle. No scrubbing. No harsh toxins. No chemical fumes. Here, we are using the Bathroom Cleaner to remove soap scum build up in the bathroom tiles. You know..those familiar pink tinge to the grout in the bathroom?

Bio+Green Crystals uses ingredients derived from plants and minerals. It is safe and doesn’t contain toxic chemicals. In fact, it is so safe that if one were to accidentally drink it, all you need to do is to just drink heaps of water to flush it out.

And best of all, you don’t have to worry about damaging or drying out your hands cos all you need is one finger, one cloth to wipe the fluid off.

This is just another way you can use the bathroom cleaner on: glass shower panels. Soap scum builds up easily on the glass, making it foggy and when you run your fingers across the glass, it is not really smooth any more.

I used to have to buy those “magic” sponges and spend my time squatting in the shower, and rub/scrub it all off. What an utter waste of time. Now, just spray and wipe.

Pfffpt. Simplify life and spend your precious time on better things in life.

Organic Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner

How many times have the toy you brought out been dropped on the floor by your kiddo while he/she is in the the carrier, stroller or high chair? All too many times for us, and you wonder if the toy is still clean and safe for your child to play and chew on. Then out comes the anti-bacterial wipes to clean the toy but my experience with wipes is that it doesn’t reach those little corners and gaps.

Now, we have a solution for this. How about a toy cleaner that you can bring out in your diaper bag? Check out the Buds Organics Anti-Bacterial Toy & Surface Cleaner. It comes in a 150ml spray bottle that you can tuck in any diaper bag. Just spray, wipe to clean and let it dry naturally. It simple, quick and very handy. What makes it effective is the key ingredient of organic Tea Tree Oil which is known for its natural anti-bacterial properties and is very effective against harmful bacteria and viruses!