Strap Covers for Child Car Seat and Stroller

There will come a point where your child would start to put everything he/she finds into his/her mouth. There will always be constant drooling and the straps that are used to secure him/her to the car seat or stroller is soaked in saliva. Usually, the child car seat straps and stroller straps will come with some padding on the shoulder area and that is also where your child will have easy access to chewing. Sounds familiar?

If you face this common issue, you can consider investing in drool pads or teething pads. These wrap around the straps and serve to protect the straps from getting wet and also helps to ensure hygiene for your child. The strap covers can be removed for washing, unlike the strap cushions that come with the stroller or car seat.

At, we bring in vibrant coloured teething pads or suck pads designed and hand made by Red Charlotte, which can also double as strap covers. What’s more, the suck pads have loops sewn in them so that it makes it convenient for you to attach your child’s favourite toy or teether while you are on the go. Because it has loops sewn in and is secured easily by velcro, the teething pads can be wrapped around stroller front bar to help secure the toy or teether. See it for yourself.


We have 5 bright and cheerful designs for you to choose from.


Drool Pads and Stuff Sack for Baby Carriers

At, we are always looking out for easy and creative ways to simplify parenting. Today, we are happy to share with you our latest addition to our product range, the drool pads and stuff sack for baby carriers by Red Charlotte.

red charlotte

Why Drool Pads?

For those who use baby carriers, you would very soon realize that the straps are easy target for your child to chew on, leaving it wet and soaked in saliva.This means having to wash the carrier more often. The dried-up saliva could sometimes irritate your child’s face, causing rashes or red marks. A simple solution is to use a drool pad. Drool pads are attached on the straps of the carrier and you no longer have to worry about the straps being chewed on. All you need to do now is to change the drool pads when they are soaked. Drool pads comes in a range of colours but are mostly dull and earthy. Furthermore, there isn’t a place for you to hang teethers or pacifiers once you place the drool pads on the straps.


The drool pads from Red Charlotte solve these two problems. They are brightly coloured, made of patterned cotton fabric, and comes with loops for you to attached pacifier clips and teething rings. No more missing pacifiers or teethers because your child accidentally drop it while you are out. It also makes it easier for your child to locate the teether.

Drool Pads biglittleme

Why Stuff Sack?

Ever had the experience where you remove the carrier to give your back/shoulders a break but realize that you do not know where to put the carrier? You could hang the carrier over a chair or on the stroller, but the loose straps are usually left dangling. For me, I am particularly concerned about where the straps would touch as that’s where my child be chewing on later, so I would roll the carrier up nicely so that the straps are safely hidden in the carrier before finding a ‘safe’ place to put the carrier.

With the stuff sack, this is no longer an issue. I can roll my carrier up and place it into the stuff sack for storage. It has rubber drawstring to make sure the carrier does not fall out.

Stuff Sack biglittleme

It is a neat and simple way to put the carrier away. What’s more, the stuff sack can easily double as a bolster/pillow for your child when he/she is napping. The stuff sack would fit soft carriers like Manduca, Tula, Mei Tai, Beco, Boba, and Ergo Baby.

stuff sack with strap

You can use any bag straps left lying around in your house and fit it on the stuff sack to quickly  transform it into a brightly coloured day bag. The strap will make it easier for you to carry the carrier when your child decides that he/she wants to walk. When the carrier is in use, the empty stuff sack can now double as a messenger bag.


The drool pads (S$35.00 for a pair) and stuff sack (S$50.00) can also be purchased as a bundle.



No streaks, no fingerprints!

The Bio+Green Crystals Glass & Window Cleaner is one of the first few cleaners I tested when I came to know about these range of cleaners. Now, my house has a fair bit of glass panels, and BIG ones as well. We’ve got a 3-panel sliding door in the dining room, a huge glass window in the kitchen and then glass doors in both toilets.

It is a paaaain to clean so many glass panels. We went from using the standard glass cleaners with newspapers but that left greasy streaks around and if you as much touched the glass after, you would see fingerprints again; to using the steam cleaner but that left water streaks and we had to keep wiping it off each time we cleaned a panel, so double work gaah; to finally giving up and not cleaning until we received this cleaner.

We first tried it on the glass top on our dining table. Now..that dining table doesn’t get used unless we have guests coming over. It is just stacked up with the bathtub, diaper bags, grocery bags. we figured okay, it was time to clean the table.

The glass cleaner is water based, which means it will take a longer time to dry as compared to the normal glass cleaner as seen in the second photo. After both cleaners have dried, I ran my fingers lightly across the table. As you can see in the third photo, the fingerprint trail ends at some point in time, which is where the Bio+Green Crystals cleaner was used. And the table definitely did not have that greasy film over it. It was just..well, the glass top.

Next, I decided to try it on my bathroom glass door.

Glass Cleaner used on right side of glass door

Glass Cleaner used on right side of glass door

This photo is taken after a hot shower. As you can see, the left glass panel is covered in condensation and the right panel just above the handle bar is day! It is so nice to be able to see through the glass..especially when you have a toddler running amok in the house. Can just peek through and see what he is doing!

What I love about this cleaner is that it is non-toxic, it is organic, it’s non-greasy and it does the work! When it says it is streak-free, it really is streak-free! Best part, it is safe for kids and pets, and is also doctor endorsed for asthma, autism, ADHD and allergies.


Natural Mosquito Repellent

Being a tropical country, with rain and sun in a day, mosquitos are common in Singapore. There are the dengue spreading mosquitos that strike fear in us but most of the times, bites from mosquitos are quite harmless, except for the itch. As much as we try to avoid being a target for the mosquitos, it is hard to avoid being bitten; all you need is one stray mosquito to conveniently fly in to your home. Because most of us have shelves and dark corners in the house, it is perfect for the mosquito to hide and wait for the opportunity to feed.

If the bite is on an adult, it’s not that bad; we can resist the urge to scratch. However, when the kids get bitten, it can spell trouble for the parents. They usually cannot control their urge to scratch. Like for my kid, he scratches so much (usually when he is sleeping) that he damages the skin. It takes forever for the skin to heal because he keeps scratching it. It is to the extent of us having to bandage the bite area to prevent him from scratching.

After a few episodes of this, we decided that the best way forward is really not to get bitten. There are few types of insect repellent available in Singapore, for instance chemical repellents or natural repellents. Below is a summary of the two types. (Source from NEA website)

Chemical Repellents

For chemical repellents, most of them contain the chemical DEET (Deet (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide). Some may contain the chemical Picaridin or Permethrin. Of the three, DEET and Picaridin are the most effective in repelling mosquitos.

However, it has been well documented that DEET , while effective against mosquito, can cause rashes and is not suitable for babies younger than 2 months. Canada Health actually advised against the use of DEET products on babies under 6 months of age! Picaridin, is also not suitable for babies below 2 months of age. Lastly, Permethrin is an insecticide and should not be applied onto the skin. Repellent with this chemical is designed for use on clothing only.

Whichever chemical repellent you use, if you develop a rash from using the repellent, wash off the repellent off with mild soap and water. Consult a doctor, taking the repellent with you to show the doctor.

Natural Repellents

Those who do not like chemical repellents or have young kids at home, you may prefer repellent made from natural products, such as lemon eucalyptus, citronella, lemongrass, peppermint or cedar. Of all, lemon eucalyptus is tested to be the most effective, but it should not be used on children less than 3 years old. This is advised by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States.

The other effective option is citronella. As with all other natural repellents, the effect is short-lived compared to chemical repellents and would require more frequent reapplication, generally, every couple of hours.

In Singapore, a popular choice of natural insect repellent comes in the form of the mosquito patch. However, after trying them for a while, we soon discover that the patch has its limitations.


The citronella effect just does not cover the entire body. We will need at least two pieces to give my son full coverage (no wonder they come in pack of two). And when we thought we have it all covered, he still get bitten after a day out at the zoo.

So we started to explore other natural and chemical-free options and found an organic mosquito repellent that is made from natural products. It is the Buds Mozzie Clear Lotion. It is a lotion type, so no-spray (we read that spray type repellents contain nano particles that are harmful for children). Initially, I had my reservations about lotion repellents. I mean cream type lotions are usually quite thick and leave a greasy feel on the skin. Surprisingly not this one, it feels light, is non-greasy, and the smell from the citronella oil is not over-powering. It is quite mild, unlike some mosquito patches that give you a headache from the smell. Looking at the ingredients, it also contains Portulaca extract and Aloe Vera which help to soothe and hydrate the skin. Think of it as a moisturiser and mosquito repellent, all-in-one! The results have been good so far! It is easy to apply and is suitable for the whole family, including babies. We have been using it on our 7 month old when we head to the parks.

Mozzie Clear Lotion, $14

Mozzie Clear Lotion, 75ml, $14.50

ps. We also use the Buds Mozzie Clear Lotion on our kids at home when that occasional stray mosquito wondered into our house.

Bitatto Wet Wipe Covers

Check out our Bitatto Wet Wipe Covers, both regular and mini ones. The regular ones would fit the bigger packet of wipes nicely while the mini ones would fit smaller packet of wipes that goes into your handbag or your kids’ school bag. You can learn more about covers on our Bitatto page.


Why Bitatto?

  • It is reusable. So extra cost savings for you.
  • It is easy to attach to and detach and makes it easy for you to reach for your wipes.
  • Replacing the sticky covers with the Bitatto covers gives you a better seal around the opening of the wet wipes. Hence, keeping the wipes moist for a longer period of time.
  • It comes in different bright colours to suit individuals. Match the colour of your wet wipes, or choose your favourite colour.


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